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Super Bowl XLII: Karmic Justice

Posted by Fred on February 5, 2008


Old news by now of course, but watching the final 35 seconds of Sunday’s big game, one overriding thought dominated — it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. Not the Giants, who probably did deserve to win given the 11 straight road wins, rallying behind the beleaguered Eli Manning, etc.  No, the deserving bunch was the Patriots, who really needed a cosmic slap upside the head.  And there isn’t a better slap upside the helmet than to be the only team to go 18-0 and lose in the Super Bowl.  There’s a lot of reasons watching the Pats lose was sweet, sweet relief, and it’s not because they cheated at least once by videotaping their opponent, and it’s not because they’re arrogant (even though they are) and it’s not because I have some secret affection for the 1972 Dolphins.  It’s because they really are the Evil Empire, to an extent even the Yankees never achieved.  To wit:

  • They’re led by a head coach who, when named coach of the Browns by Art Modell, managed to turn a perennial playoff contender into the Baltimore Ravens. That’s bad enough, but not only does he apparently feel no remorse whatsoever for what he did to Cleveland fans, he refuses to even talk about it, requiring that any interviewer talking to Belichick avoid any questions about the “Cleveland Years.”  Nevertheless, he’s routinely put into the same class as Lombardi, Noll and Shula.
  • The east coast media establishment fawns over Belichick anyway, conveniently ignoring his record in Cleveland and giving credit to the coach, rather than acknowledging that the Pats win because they got lucky when Brady turned from a seventh round toad into an MVP prince.  A hobbled Brady exposed Belichick’s real weaknesses, as he got soundly outcoached by Tom Coughlin on both sides of the ball.
  • The defense is led by spiritual leader Junior Seau, who “retired” from the Dolphins only to sign with the Patriots two days later, in a blatant ploy to go from a crappy team to a good one.  The media gives him a pass anyway, believing the story he spins about Belichick talking him out of retirement.
  • The defense also includes Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison, whose only competition for League’s Dirtiest Player is each other.  They were at their pushing, shoving, slapping and kicking best in the Super Bowl, so it was nice to see them get stomped in the end.
  • On the other side of the ball you have gems like Randy Moss, who had a long paid vacation while a member of the Raiders, taking their paychecks while doing absolutely nothing to help the team.  He improved himself in Foxboro as long as they were winning, but still mailed it in on occasion.  Moss could have pulled out at least a tie on Sunday, but his effort on the two hail marys was mediocre at best.
  • In the end, the team’s arrogance was its undoing.  Belichick went for it on fourth-and-13 rather than kicking a field goal; after all, it’s the Patriots, who don’t need any stinking field goals. Even though Brady was getting mauled by the Giants D-line, Belichick never put in max protection sets or multiple tight ends; it’s the Patriots, so those sacks were obviously just flukes.
  • The Pats’ true colors showed in the end, when Belichick left the field with 0:01 still on the clock, an exercise both incredibly disrespectful and entirely within character.  The Pats are a team led by a master with no class, a study in arrogance and spit in your face trash talking.

Karma is a bitch.  Watch this again and smile:


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Journalists: A Belichick primer for your next puff piece

Posted by Fred on January 10, 2008

Why do I suspect that if the Patriots keep winning, we’re going to see more and more articles like the one in USA Today claiming that Bill Belichick is among the best-ever coaches? And why do I suspect that they’ll either gloss over what the article calls the “Cleveland years” or else ignore them entirely like ESPN The Magazine did? I’ll help you lazy journalists out with a few facts:

Fact #1: Prior to the Greatest Coach Ever’s arrival, the Browns, led by QB Bernie Kosar, were perennial AFC title contenders and may easily have been in a couple of Super Bowls but for John Elway’s Drive and Ernest Byner’s Fumble.

Fact #2: Then Belichick came, kicked Kosar out in favor of over-the-hill Vinny Testaverde, and managed one winning season and one playoff appearance in five seasons.

Fact #3: Belichick’s winning percentage (0.450) is more Bud Carson (0.440) than Marty Schottenheimer (0.620).

Fact #4: In 1989, the Browns played in the AFC Championship Game. Belichick showed up in 1991, and in five years managed to single-handedly drive the team out of town and turn them into the Ravens.

Fact #5: The Patriots are what they are not because Belichick is a genius, but because Parcells built a machine that even Pete Carroll couldn’t destroy, and because Belichick was handed Tom Brady in the 2000 draft, only to subsequently have this sixth-round pick (who lost five games in two seasons at Michigan and had to fight Drew Henson for a job) turn into Superman.

I don’t doubt that Belichick was too young when Modell hired him, and don’t deny that the Browns weren’t exactly stocked with All-Pros. Nor do I deny that Belichick has been successful in Foxboro. But these journalists need to find a NFL history book that doesn’t jump straight from 1990 to 1996.  Don’t mention Belichick in the same breath as Vince Lombardi (0.738 winning percentage, zero losing seasons), Chuck Noll (0.566, ten or more wins in 7 of the 8 seasons between 1972-1979) or Don Shula (0.678, two losing seasons over 33 years) unless you are prepared to address the “Cleveland years”.

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Other people must hate Bill Belichick, too

Posted by Fred on January 4, 2008

Fun fact: the #1 search term leading to this site yesterday was I Hate Bill Belichick.  Well, we do hatesss him, my precious.

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Why I Hate Bill Belichick

Posted by Fred on December 10, 2007

So the Patriots beat the Steelers to go 13-0. It was Bill Belichick’s 100th win as Patriots coach, so he of course became part of the story.  Look, Belichick called out the Steelers DB who guaranteed victory! Belichick calls a flea-flicker! Belichick runs another fake draw! He must be the Greatest Coach Ever.  I’m so sick of hearing that.  Ever wonder what the Greatest Coach Ever would do without Tom Brady?  Cleveland Browns fans know.  He’d go 36-44, bench a decent and beloved quarterback in favor of a journeyman whose primary claim to fame is refusing to retire.   After successfully running the franchise into the ground and watching the team flee the city, he’d move on to become the Greatest Coach Ever.

Did Belichick suddenly learn to coach, or did he (a) cheat or (b) get lucky with a sixth-round draft pick that made good?   As far as I’m concerned, what he did to the Browns taints his career forever.

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