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AT&T rolls out 3G in Richmond

Posted by Fred on November 13, 2007

At some point yesterday, I noticed that my Blackjack was showing this:


Up to now, I had to got to Alexandria to get 3G service from AT&T.  This is great news, as I really miss having the high-speed service when I return from DC.  The 3G penetration seems to be pretty good, too. I have 3G in my house and in my office.  It would have been nice to have during the playoffs, when I used MLB’s mobile site to keep track of the scores.  Now I may even using WM5’s internet connection sharing feature around town when Wi-Fi’s not available.

With that said, AT&T still sucks.  Here’s my current list of gripes:

  • Still no WM6 upgrade for the Blackjack.  The delay is completely ridiculous, and with the BJ2 coming out, there’s no reason to think AT&T will release it any time soon. Yes, there are leaked ROMs, but no thanks.  And I won’t drop more cash on a BJII just to get Office Mobile and HTML mail.
  • Coverage is still weak.  I often take the Amtrak from Richmond to DC, and frequently have no signal at all between Ashland and Fredericksburg.  The coverage map says I should have a signal, but I don’t.  Meanwhile, my fellow travelers who are on Verizon and Alltel chat away (I don’t want to talk on the train, but I would like to get online).
  • The data plans are still too expensive.  AT&T insists that the Blackjack is a PDA, not a smartphone, so you have to go with a PDA Connect plan, which starts at $45 for unlimited data.   The Smartphone Connect plan is only $20 for unlimited data.  AT&T’s price is roughly comparable to Verizon, which charges $45 for unlimited data or $80 for data plus 450 minutes. With T-Mobile, you pay $40, but that also appears to include unlimited T-Mobile hot spot usage, which you’d pay an additional $20 to $40 a month for.

I’d really love to drop AT&T, but even a prorated ETF would cost too much.


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Some people are just a little full of themselves

Posted by Fred on October 1, 2007

Seen at the intersection of Forest Ave and Three Chopt Rd on Friday afternoon:


And yes, the driver was a woman who appeared to be of child-rearing years.

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Posted by Fred on September 27, 2007

Now entering the home stretch, at which point I won’t know what to do with myself. Last night was one of my new favorites – leftover Southwestern Bean Bake (a crockpot mix from Purely American Foods with beans, beef, corn and veggies) served in fat-free tortillas. Tasty and less than 500 calories.

On tap for today is the 8 hour Virginia State Bar Mandatory Course on Professionalism (catered convention food, blech). Thus the need for dinner to go from the wonderful Relish (teriyaki salmon with red rosies, not blech).

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