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Google releases new YouTube mobile site, works on Windows Mobile

Posted by Fred on January 24, 2008

Google has released an updated version of the mobile YouTube site, which now allows you to view any video on the main YouTube portal, instead of just the videos selected by Google.  You can search for videos or even upload videos if you have a profile set up on the mobile page.  It streams to just about any device capable of handling multimedia, using the device’s default application, which means it finally works properly in Windows Mobile (at least for me).  A brief screenshot tour:

youtube_main The main screen, as seen in Opera Mobile on a Motorola Q9h. The main page lists some recently featured videos and a search box.

youtube_browse Scroll down a little further for additional options. You can browse by Most Viewed, Top Rated, Videos or Categories.  there’s also a second search box, which is handy because it means you don’t have to scroll back up.

youtube_videoHere’s what you get when you search for a video. Your usual basic stuff here, including a screen capture, running time, uploader, etc.  Click on the image or “Watch Video” link…

youtube_playingThe site launches the default media player and streams the video. The old version tried to do this, too, but it just resulted in an error message on my WM6 devices. Workarounds sprung up, but now it just works. Video quality seems pretty good.  The audio is surprisingly loud.

It’s nice to get all the videos in the YouTube library, but I’m really happy to see that it Just Works on Windows Mobile.  Too often lately, Google seems to be optimizing for the iPhone and telling WM users to pound sand.

[via the New York Times]


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Do You Flock?

Posted by Fred on October 30, 2007

Harry McCracken loves Flock.  I tried Flock out a couple of years ago, back before there was a Facebook or YouTube or Flickr for it to integrate with, and came away unimpressed.  I still don’t do Facebook, but it sounds interesting, so I’m downloading again to see what’s changed.  The pace of development is better than it used to be, but still pretty darn slow.

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Should have issued a DMCA takedown notice on himself

Posted by Fred on September 28, 2007

According to the Times-Dispatch, Dr. Esam Omeish, recently appointed by Gov. Kaine to a state immigration commission, resigned from the commission after a controversial video featuring Dr. Omeish was discovered on YouTube.

Online videos show Omeish at an August rally in 2006, shortly after Israel invaded Lebanon, condemning the “illegal and repugnant” occupation by Israel of Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza.

He condemns the “Israeli war machine,” the “barbaric, indiscriminate” attacks by Israel and accuses Israel of “massacres and genocides” committed against the Palestinian people. He says Congress is guided by an “Israeli agenda.”

I have no interest in turning this into a political blog, so draw your own conclusions about the good doctor. Several other things about the story are more interesting to me. I hadn’t seen Muslim-American as a demographic designation before. You don’t see Christian-American or Buddhist-American, so using Muslim-American suggests that we now consider adherence to Islam to have moved beyond the religious to the political – only Jews and (maybe) Sikhs are generally thought of this way. Not exactly a novel concept, but interesting. The T-D’s archives find 36 references to Muslim-American, most references to the Muslim American Society.

Also interesting is that YouTube will officially become part of the vetting process. Of course, it probably should have been part of that process already, but it’s nice of Google to provide such a useful government service. Finally, it’s interesting that the video was called to the governor’s attention by a caller on his radio show.  Those shows are generally beyond useless, but not this time.

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