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Oranges taste sweet after some nice Hokie Bird

Posted by Fred on January 4, 2008


Say these four words with me now: Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk. KU. You can’t say the Hawks haven’t played anyone now. You shouldn’t say Kansas didn’t belong in the BCS (although I’ll concede Mizzou belonged there too, while Illinois and Hawaii did not).  You shouldn’t say Todd Reesing is too small, or Mark Mangino can’t coach, or KU can’t play defense. Last night’s Orange Bowl victory over an outcoached Virginia Tech squad should take care of the doubters, naysayers and haters.  It won’t, of course, but it should.

This long time Jayhawk couldn’t be happier or, frankly, surprised by the little Jayhawks that could’s 12-1 finish.  that they topped it off with a victory over a top 5 perennial power playing in its 15th straight bowl game and did it by out-Beamerballing Beamer makes it all the sweeter.  Hopefully Bill Self’s group was watching Fox last night, and will overperform, rather than the opposite.


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Seeing Orange Today

Posted by Fred on January 3, 2008


Was your New Year good?  My present for the new year is the chance to see the Jayhawks in a post-January 1 bowl game for the first time ever (although a Division I playoff would have been a better present for everyone except CL Keedy).  KU hasn’t played in one of the big four bowls since the 1969 Orange Bowl, and hasn’t been to any kind of bowl game since Fort Worth in 2005.  It’s hard being a KU fan in Hokie country, a place where the Times-Dispatch features an article on Hokie Bird wine and prints Go Hokies editorials, but I’ve persevered.  Hopefully the lilliputian Todd Reesing and corpulent Mark Mangino can emulate the Mountaineers and pull off the upset.

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