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Do You Flock?

Posted by Fred on October 30, 2007

Harry McCracken loves Flock.  I tried Flock out a couple of years ago, back before there was a Facebook or YouTube or Flickr for it to integrate with, and came away unimpressed.  I still don’t do Facebook, but it sounds interesting, so I’m downloading again to see what’s changed.  The pace of development is better than it used to be, but still pretty darn slow.


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Is Webkinz the next Facebook? What’s the Next Webkinz?

Posted by Fred on October 9, 2007

webkinz.pngMicrosoftie Jeff Sandquist wonders whether Webkinz is the next Facebook. As the father of an eight and five year old, I can say that Webkinz is certainly primed to be the next something, although I doubt it’s the next Facebook. The concept sounds like something created by a computer – take one part Beanie Baby, one part social network and one part Second Life, adjust for the age demographic, and hit blend. But it works for the under-10 set, and some of the mini-games players use to earn “KinzCash” are actually kind of fun (if derivative of pretty much everything on your average casual gaming portal). The biggest hint for how successful Webkinz can be – my five-year-old (who is already under the age range suggested by Ganz) has announced she wants Santa to bring her “8 Webkinz” and nothing else.

Webkinz faces competition within its own market – there are plenty of other stuffed animal-plus-website products available, and The Littlest Pet Shop is going to try to leverage its popular brand into the space (my Webkinz lover also like LPS, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out). Ultimately, Webkinz is less likely to be a competitor to Facebook as a Facebook gateway drug, with Webkinz alumni moving on to a tweens social networking site and then to Facebook itself.

ico_shoutbox.gifvia Nick Bradbury via Scoble

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