Short Nerd Chief

FiOS TV Still Sucks

Posted by Fred on June 5, 2008

I’ve written before of my customer service nightmare with Verizon’s FiOS TV service.  To recap, we were forced to cancel the service when we moved to a house a couple of miles away that was not in the haphazard FiOS rollout area. I returned the equipment to the contractor Verizon sent, and then we started receiving collection notices claiming we owed $600 for unreturned equipment. I thought it had been resolved when all was quiet, but then I received this in the mail (click for a bigger version):

How nice of them to offer to “settle” for 80% of the cost penalty Verizon charges for failure to return the equipment I already returned.  Just in case there is any doubt that I am right and they are wrong, I have a receipt:

Stay away from FiOS at all costs.  The service is fine in my experience (although we did lose it once when their contractor cut the fiber optic cable while working down the street), but it’s like the Hotel California – cancel any time you like, but you’ll never be free.


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