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Accessing files on a WM6 phone in Ubuntu

Posted by Fred on June 3, 2008

I tried valiantly to get my Ubuntu laptop set up to allow me to transfer files from my Windows Mobile phone to the laptop via SynCE using the instructions on the SynCE wiki. It installed OK (I think) but I never could get it to connect – it kept telling me there was no device connected (caused, I believe, by AT&T removing a settings screen on the Blackjack II and Motorola Q9 Global – stupid AT&T).  Finally I realized that SynCE is completely unnecessary for this purpose.

On the phone, change the USB device type to Mass Storage.  On my device, this is found at Settings >> Connections >> USB Device Type.  Plug in the USB cable, and Nautilus will show you the conents of your memory card.  You’ll have to copy files to the card via the WM file manager, and it won’t work for syncing contacts and appointments, but all I wanted was a file from the phone.  This also works for copying files to the phone.  Sometimes, it’s easy to overthink things.


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