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Use Internet Connection Sharing on WM6 with Hardy Heron [HOWTO]

Posted by Fred on May 20, 2008

The reason I have a Motorola Q9 Global instead of a Blackjack II is that AT&T in its infinite wisdom eliminated Internet Connection Sharing from the BJII (I think it’s actually still there, but the interface isn’t, but I digress). Up to now, I’ve been piggybacking off the open wi-fi connection from the Richmond Omni, which is in and of itself amazing as the Omni is 0.4 miles away, but the connection has gotten flaky.  So I decided to use ICS instead (kind of like tethering, but free of the otherwise-applicable AT&T fees).  Here’s how:

First, you need to make sure you have the right Ubuntu packages installed:

sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential

Now do the following in a terminal:

svn co
cd usb-rndis-lite/
sudo ./
sudo make install

That should be all you need on the Ubuntu side. On the phone, start ICS. There’s no shortcut on the Start Menu, so use the File Manager to browse to /Windows and look for IntShrUI.exe. To make things easier, you can click Menu>File>Create Shortcut and create a shortcut in Windows/Start Menu. Once you start ICS, click the left soft key (“Connect”) and plug in the USB cable. That should be it.

I know this works, as I am posting this via ICS and WM6.


9 Responses to “Use Internet Connection Sharing on WM6 with Hardy Heron [HOWTO]”

  1. Thanks for sharing the information to connect wm6.

    I will test it..

  2. Sarlac said

    Thanks dude, I had been doing this for about a month while at work, but after an update last night it just stopped working. Your solution got me back to surfing. -S

  3. midniteslice said

    awesome. you have made me completely (aside from the phone) windows free. thank you.

  4. jason said

    wow it works great thanks so much your the bomb

  5. jason said

    this works well on ubuntu 8.04 motorola q and motorola q9m instead of the paid version of pdanet use this solution avoid the cost of pdanet

  6. Trevor said

    Do you know how to do this for Windows Mobile 5? I can’t seem to find the file in that version.

  7. James said

    Thanks. Your guide helped me connect my X61 Tablet Thinkpad to the internet via internet connection sharing on my Sprint HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6. In fact, I had just installed Hardy Heron, and so I used this new connection to download updates to Hardy Heron. After rebooting, my connection is gone, and I don’t know where to begin troubleshooting.

  8. malcontent said

    @Fred: This is an simply outstanding solution. Thank you for boiling it down for us.

  9. scenkner said

    If I understand this correctly, in order to enable the internet connection for ubuntu using the only available option for me(ics via wm6) I have to first have an internet connection!!! How can this possibly be an acceptable option. I have to have an internet connection to get an internet connection??? Can someone please tell me how to install this without first having internet available. I am using a dual boot machine with Ubuntu and XP. XP connects, Ubuntu doesn’t.

    The line:
    svn co
    obviously wont work until this is installed.

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