Short Nerd Chief

10 Things I Hate Today

Posted by Fred on April 15, 2008

Today is just not a good day. In fact, it’s a very bad day. So, a list of ten things that really, really piss me off today.  Getting things off ones chest is supposed to be cathartic…

10. The IRS, given that I had to pay them a bunch of money, this being tax day and all.

9. The guy in a giant white pickup truck who ignored the numerous “exit only” signs on 64 East this morning, almost sideswiping me right into an oncoming semi at the Boulevard.  The rule is not Biggest Car Wins.

8. The Memphis fans who pollute my attempts to revel in stories about the KU victory, such as last weekend’s huge parade in Lawrence.  No, the Jayhawks didn’t get lucky – there’s a reason they play 40 minutes, not 38.  No, it was not unfair to play Whack-A-Tiger for the last two minutes.  No, Sherron Collins was not out of bounds on the steal-and-3.  Let it go, please.

7. Super Smash Brothers Brawl, particularly Event 14.

6. Pollen.

5, 4, 3 and 2. Joe Borowski and his 0.500 save percentage, 18.00 ERA and 2.75 WHIP.



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