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World Press Photo Award Winners for 2007 Announced

Posted by Fred on February 8, 2008

World Press Photo, an organization billing itself as dedicated to “stimulating developments in photojournalism and encouraging transfer of knowledge,” has announced the winners of its annual professional Photo of the Year contest.  This year’s overall winner is Tim Hetherington, for this photo of an American soldier in Afghanistan, originally appearing in Vanity Fair (see also this video of Hetherington and author Sebastian Junger talking about their experiences in Afghanistan, with battlefront footage shot for ABC News):

Battle Company

The winners gallery is full of war photos, although Afghanistan is strangely better represented than Iraq.  Hetherington’s photo is good, and certainly newsworthy, but as photography, there are far more interesting entries, such as this shot, also from Afghanistan, by Balasz Gardi for the VII Network (note the lighting and composition here):


I also really like these two shots for their use of color.  The first was taken in Columbia by Francesco Zizola of Noor (originally appearing in Newsweek Japan), and the second in the Brooks Mountain Range by Damon Winter for a December 2007 article in the New York Times:




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