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Class vs. Crass

Posted by Fred on October 31, 2007

Jon Saracena in USA Today says this week’s Colts vs. Pats game is a matchup pitting class vs. crass.

NFL coaches usually don’t trash and burn a corpse already dead for four quarters. Belichick, in his ubiquitous gray hood, has come to life as the grim reaper of coaches — unflinching and remorseless in the quest for Super Bowl blood.

There’s no mercy rule in pro football. But there should be a wisdom policy: Why would you risk injury to Tom Brady, either to accident or cheap shot, to pile it on? Records? Retribution? Please tell us, Coach Mastermind.

Sunday’s New England-Indianapolis game is a collision of wills, philosophies and, when it comes to coaches, each man’s brand of ethics. Perhaps Tony Dungy can spare some for Bill Belichick because this is a matchup pitting class vs. crass. It’s about gamesmanship, which all good coaches like Dungy deploy, vs. blatant cheating, which is what Belichick practiced for years before the league halted it with a public flogging.

It’s about time Belichick got taken down a notch.  His Pats teams have been good, but not classy.  Most fans don’t care about that, and I’m sure New Englanders would rather have the Pats’ fistful of rings over the Colts’ one. After all, Boston embraced Manny Ramirez and his Hercules pose following the HR that made Game 4 of the ALCS 7-3, while excoriating Kenny Lofton for taking too long to get into the batters box in Game 3.

Did Belichick suddenly learn to coach after his abject failure in Cleveland? Doubtful, but he did learn how to cheat, and he’s carried a whole bunch of grudges for a decade and a half.  Neither is something a class act like Tony Dungy would do.

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