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Bring on the Football (and thank Jesus for salary caps)

Posted by Fred on October 29, 2007

Thank God that’s over. So the Red Sox won another World Series, and now we have to endure another off-season of prattle about “Red Sox Nation”. Want to know why the Sox are so annoying and why I hate them so much?  Here’s one reason, courtesy of Jayson Stark:

It’s never an easy thing to comprehend when the universe changes before your eyes.

You’re never sure why. You’re never sure how. And normally, you’re never sure when. But if anyone asks, you can tell them you saw it all unfold on the last Sunday night in October, in a scenic Colorado ballpark nestled between the mountain peaks. You didn’t just see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. You didn’t just see the Red Sox sweep the World Series. You saw something bigger, something deeper, something historic.

Give it a rest, ESPN.  I know you practically collectively wet yourself with relief that there wouldn’t be another Yankee and Red Sox-less World Series this year, but there is absolutely nothing historic about this.  No, this is just your average, run-of-the-mill “$143 million team beats a $54 million team” story.  What would have been historic is the Indians winning one of the elimination games, thus creating a Series of teams with reasonable payrolls.  What would have been historic would have been the Rockies making a Series of it, rather than getting swept they way everybody should have known they were going to get swept.  And spare us all the talk about Pedroia, Lowell, Papelbon and Ellsbury proving that it wasn’t just money that got the trophy to Boston.  Together, Ortiz, Ramirez, Schilling and Veritek make more than the entire Rockies roster.  You think the Sox win the Series without those four? No chance. You think the Indians have a chance in 2009 when Boston or New York swoop in and offer Sabathia $15 million? Also no chance.

There is now no difference between the Red Sox and the Yankees except that Red Sox fans are far more annoying, with their references to the Red Sox Nation and their continuing attempts to see themselves as the underdog, rather than the bully that hops in Daddy’s BMW to drive to the club after shoving the geek in a locker.

A little bitter? You bet.  I’ve always disliked the Red Sox a little, probably dating to the days of watching Jim Rice beat up the Tribe at Municipal Stadium, but the Sox were always better than the Yankees.  They had players you could like – give me Yaz and Boggs over Reggie Jackson any day of the week.  But the fans have ruined it.  Unless I’m missing something, Richmond is not an outpost for New England emigres.  There should be no natural fan base for the Red Sox here (the Nationals or Orioles, maybe, or perhaps the Braves, given out Southern affinity and the AAA franchise), but the streets are full of blue caps with red Bs. You can buy Red Sox gear at the local stores. That means only one thing: a local sub-tribe of front-running yahoos from Red Sox Nation, who’d be Yankee fans if this was 1999.  Maybe they’d be sporting Joe Carter jerseys if this was 1993.

So hurray for you, Boston. Enjoy your hard-fought championship, the biggest accomplishment of which was John Henry shoving piles of cash out of the way in order to get to his checkbook.  You’ll probably get another one next year, kicking a few more $60 million weaklings out of the way in the process.


One Response to “Bring on the Football (and thank Jesus for salary caps)”

  1. metaljaybird said

    Well, baseball is a business. Maybe other teams should start giving their fans some enjoyment and seek out the better players.

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